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Submit Your Monkey Comic FAQ

A general call to arms for web comic support of Monkey Day is in progress. Any and all cartoonists are being asked to do their part in promoting monkeys in support of this upcoming Monkey Day. Not familar with Monkey Day? Go here for the Monkey Day FAQ. Read on for the comic submission details...

Does the comic have to be about Monkey Day specifically?
No, we are not asking cartoonists to directly integrate or reference Monkey Day specifically, although they are more than welcome to do so, in particular we are asking for subtle monkey references in the week leading up to Monkey Day. In this way, monkeys are more casually implanted into the psyches of the general public in a manner that will prepare them for the upcoming day of the monkeys, yet may not directly disturb the intended audience's sanity nor greatly disrupt the cartoonist's comic theme or story.

What is acceptable for a monkey themed comic? How do we achieve this?
However you see fit. Have a monkey in the background, make a monkey joke in the dialogue, or subtly fling some monkey feces onto your characters (c'mon, you were going to do it anyway, might as well be for a good cause!) .

Do they have to be new monkey comics?
Yes, please only new comics from on-going comics or series, this allows for a new and interesting batch of comic submissions each year.

What size comics?
Any size is acceptable, although we will ask to keep a permanent image of each comic submission on the blog, we may choose to simply post a link to those comics that choose to use the infinite canvas to the extreme.

When do this occur?
The marathon is open to new comics being updated between December 7th-14th. Posting of comics will begin the week before Monkey Day starting December 7th, and comic entries will be updated each day that week and accepted up until and during Monkey Day itself on the 14th of December. Artists are of course welcome to publish their monkey comic on their own website at any time during this period, and we will coordinate their own web publishing with our own during that week. Each comic received will be blogged as a separate entry and linked back to the artists webpage.

What do I get out of this (the eternal question)?
The satisfaction of aiding a noteworthy simian cause, easy material for your comic (monkeys, bananas, feces, what more do you want?) and of course link backs that can haunt you for years to come.

What else can I do to help the Monkey Day Movement?
If you feel the need to link to Monkey Day we ask that you please also link to the Monkey Day Petition (signing it yourselves wouldn't hurt either).

Why are you seeking out webcomic support?
It just so happens that one of the founding members of Monkey Day happens to be a cartoonist, so comics became the simplest solution to promote such a cause.

How do I submit?
Email your finished comic (as soon as possible), your website for linkback, and the date you intend to publish it on your site to dayofthemonkey(at)gmail.com .